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Aluminum Patio Covers Bloomington


For the past six years we’ve been installing aluminum patio covers to Bloomington, Ca and the surrounding areas if you’re looking for the perfect way to add value to your home investment and to reduce sun damage, then you found the right solution.  Aluminum patio covers can be one of the best things you can do to decrease your overall energy cost throughout summer. We know that spring and summer in Bloomington can be very warm and most people will run their air conditioning from April through September. Running your air conditioning all summer through the roof unfortunately will have your home energy costs very high. Aluma Covers is a cost effective solutionto high energy bills and having an aluminum patio cover installed by Aluma covers will not only reduce your energy costs but will also give you a whole new seating area to entertain guests, family, and have events at your place. If you choose to install a barbecue as well and perhaps seating, with a fire pit you can really take your outdoor landscape to the next level. You can finally make your backyard an entertainers dream, and have that summer party vibe that you’ve always wanted.  We installed our first aluminum patio cover to Bloomington, Ca in 2006. It still stands to this day looking just like it did the first day we installed it, and the great thing about aluminum patio covers is they only need mild soap and water to keep them looking brand new. They remain ultra low maintenance …no chips, rusting or fading keeping things simple for you to just enjoy having fun outside.

Aluminum Patio Covers Bloomington

Create a New Space

After we install an aluminum patio cover to your house in Bloomington, Ca  we can install patio covers relatively easily to any part of the house,  if you have an old deck we can transform the area in a little under a week and convert it  into a new relaxing place for a watching television or reading a book.  If you’re looking more for entertaining maybe an outdoor  kitchen space is more your style. You can create an ideal barbecue and sink  outside under an aluminum patio cover. This will make entertaining, cooking or barbecuing under your new cover  a great way to turn that once  usable space into a friendly and fun environment where you can spend time with family and friends. As an added bonus patio covers are also a great place to store things if needed that you don’t want to get  sun damage.


Aluminum Patio Covers Bloomington

Temperature Control

Once you install aluminum patio cover to your house in Bloomington you can very easily control how much or how little sun there is on your patio, by using a simple lattice patio cover addition.  This process is quite simple and we can show you how to do it yourself . You can create the creek shade factor for any picture perfect moment that you may have, or enrich your yard and home using the lattice patio cover. It can also give you the perfect combination of sun or shade for your garden so your plants are not burned or without enough sunlight. We also have many other options for patio covers if you choose. Some  can just block out the sun completely, depending on preference we have solid and slid patio covers to make your Bloomington home a cool and safe place throughout the summer, evenings, and even a great place to sit outside and be protected during the rain.

Aluminum Patio Covers Bloomington

Adding Value to Your Home

Out of 100 randomly selected new home owners 60% of them said they would much rather purchase or put an offer on a house that already had outdoor landscape and an aluminum patio cover installed in the yard over one that did not.  Aluminum patio covers are a very quick and inexpensive way to increase the overall resale value of your home. Many home owners in Bloomington are taking advantage of installing an aluminum patio cover; don’t be the last person on your block to have a new aluminum patio cover installed and enjoy the saving and outdoor comforts of entertaining with family, pets, and friends.


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