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Aluminum Patio Covers Glendora

Aluminum Patio Covers Glendora

Aluminum Patio Covers Glendora

Thank you for your interest in Aluma Covers. Billdan Construction INC has over 20 years combined construction experience in general contracting. Billdan Construction opened it’s sister company Aluma Covers in 2006. Aluma Covers was opened because of the amount of downright horrible aluminum patio covers Glendora that we would see well performing our traditional remodel and construction work. Aluma Covers would be very happy to help you install, maintain or service a brand new aluminum patio cover to your home. With the home market quickly returning to it’s normal levels you will need something to set your home apart from the other homes on the market. An aluminum patio cover is a great way to add resale value to your home and increase curb appeal. In Glendora one of the easiest things you can do to increase your resale value to your home is install a brand new aluminum patio cover. Not only will aluminum patio covers increase the resale value of your home but they will help reduce the cost of your ac bill on a monthly basis. Many people have used traditional patio covers for years but found that they would eventually lose their fade and luster and fall apart over time. Not with Aluma Covers line of aluminum patio covers, Our patio covers which have the same look and feel of traditional wood patio covers but are built to last a life time. For many years aluminum patio covers have been a quiet kept secret. For the past few years aluminum patio covers were well outside the price range of many home owners. Not so anymore with Aluma Covers new line of cost effective and affordable aluminum patio covers we have a patio cover for every budget. Our aluminum patio covers are built to fit your backyard and budget. As a resident of Glendora myself I know all to well how hot summers here can be. In most cases the extreme heat can force you to run your ac all summer long. By making the choice to install an aluminum patio cover you can see an overall drop in your monthly ac bills every single month. Not only will the new aluminum patio cover decrease your ac bill but it will give you a great new place to entertrain guests. If you choose to invest in a BBQ and fans it can really change the whole dynamic of your backyard. We installed our first aluminum patio cover to Glendora in 2006. It still looks the same as it did the first day we installed it. Aluminum patio covers are built to stand the test of time. Our aluminum patio covers main focus is to provide shade and functionality for the backyard. Another one of the great points of having aluminum patio cover is there’s no need for maintenance.

Aluminum Patio Covers Glendora

Extend your living space with an aluminum patio cover Glendora


Once you install your brand new aluminum patio cover Glendora. You will be able to bring the comfort of relaxing indoors to the outside. Our patio covers can be installed to your home in a relatively easy process. We build each aluminum patio cover specific to your home. Many Glendora homes come with a standard deck or patio that was intended to entertain guests or host meetings. We primarily use this area when installing a brand new aluminum patio covers. Perhaps you are the chef in the family or the foodie, A new aluminum patio cover will give you a whole new area to explore your gastronomy studies. Many of our customers ask us to install a whole entire out door kitchen for them as well when we install the patio cover. We routinely setup backyards with bbq’s ,sinks and seating for 20. Many of the times our customers are astounded with how there backyard looks so much newer and modern after we are done with our construction.


Aluminum Patio Covers Glendora

The Flexibility of Aluminum Patio Covers Glendora


Once you decide to install aluminum patio cover to your Glendora home, it will be very easy for you to control how much sun penetrates into your backyard. The addition of a simple lattice patio cover can help you control the amount of sunlight to enter your patio. A lattice patio cover adds functionality and design to your patio the process is quite simple, adjust the amount of lattice to your desired amount of light and you can find the perfect amount of shade usually somewhere between 60% and 40% luminosity it’s quite certainly all up to you using the lattice you can protect your garden from those long summer days and by giving them just enough light. we also carry many different types of aluminum patio covers that just blocked the sun out completely. we also carry a good amount of solid insulated patio covers to make your  home a cool place throughout the summer a great place to enjoy sitting outside during rainstorms


one of the most common things we hear after we install a brand new aluminum patio cover is how its a great place to clear your mind. Especially after stressful day of work or after a fun day of tax document preparation or bill pay. It can sometimes be difficult to plan for beach trips or to make time to travel. it’s even harder to get on a plane and leave your business behind for a few days. The amount of gas it can take to get to the  river or take a  lake vacation can also hamper your budget.  Save the time and money it would take to purchase tickets load up the trucks or plan a destination getaway and take a nice book and a nice meal and enjoy your backyard patio

Out of 100 randomly selected new homeowners 60% said they’d rather choose a home that RT had a patio cover than one that didn’t and that that would be a major factor in which home they chased by aluminum patio covers are very quick and inexpensive way to increase the value of your home more more homes in Glendora CA are installing brand new aluminum patio covers don’t get left behind contact Aluma covers day to install that aluminum patio cover that you’ve always dreamed of


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