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Looking for a once in a lifetime deal on a grill? Alumacovers new custom built BBQ islands Riverside design staff will astound you with our designs. We offer top of the line quality BBQ islands at affordable prices. Every time you use Alumacovers you can feel confident that you are going to get an amazing deal on a great product. Our design staff can create a unique island for you. We also have a showroom available for you to take a look at one of our hundreds of designs. Our staff will make sure that your island will fit your budget and your design concept.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction because of that we will always take the extra time to make sure that everything is right. We are always sure to involve the customer into all aspects of the design process. We also offer free in home consultations. One of our BBQ islands Riverside experts can come to your home and help you take measurements. Our expert also will sit down with you in your home and go over all of details with you.


Why Alumacovers BBQ Islands Riverside

A large portion of BBQ islands being sold these are just low quality. These Chinese imported cookie cutter islands are not built to last. The reason these methods are so popular is because the cheaper quality BBQ islands are lighter and cheaper to ship. After only few uses you will notice that your island will develop cracks in the counter top, stucco walls, veneer siding and in many other places. Many companies also use low quality welding on their islands. Spot welding and poorly welded islands will suffer the same fate as cheap import islands as well. Alumacovers creates and uses only the highest quality BBQ products.

Don’t become another BBQ Island Riverside horror story. Contact Alumacovers instead. Our design process is complete and built with attention to detail. Our design staff will come to your home and discuss your design concept with you and even take pictures. Next we will design for you and your home a custom BBQ Island. Our BBQ Islands feature the strongest frames in the BBQ island industry. We use only high grade steel that is rust proof. All of our joints are completely welded and not spot welded.

The end result of all of our hard work yeilds you a BBQ island that will last a life time. Aside from being BBQ Island Riverside Experts we are also custom concrete experts as well. Alumacovers is your one stop shop for all things backyard entertainment related. We do it all from Patio covers to BBQ Islands and everything in between. We also work with all types of budgets and spaces. More and more condo owners and apartment renters are looking for a small patio BBQ island. Regardless of your size constraints our BBQ island expert will create you a design concept that flows with your home and its current colors and designs.


BBQ Islands Riverside

Benefits of a BBQ Island Riverside

Like many southern Californian’s your backyard is where you choose to entertain. With a complete backyard from Alumacovers entertaining large groups of people will be a breeze and something you look forward to. BBQ Islands also have a tendency to skyrocket property values. If you rent out your home expect to charge more because of all of the wonderful amenity that your backyard has to offer now that it has a wonderful BBQ island. Check out these great benefits


Increased Living Space : 

Providing your family with that little bit of extra space in the backyard can be a life saver. Once one of our BBQ Island Riverside experts installs your island you will notice that both you and your family gravitate to the outside more often.



Your home and backyard will enjoy a increased appeal. Your property will shine with our completely unique and custom designed islands. We can outfit your backyard with any type of design ranging from masonry to stylish stones. We give great deals on  our wonderfully designed spaces filled with out custom stone.


Increased Functionality :

Your outdoor living space will become and efficient place to hold dinners. Your new entertaining space will be able to feed and sit as many as you need. Along with your BBQ Island we can install an entire out door kitchen built to suit your level of cooking expertise. Appliances and other cooking elements are always welcome additions to our BBQ Islands.


Entertaining : 

In most cases people will gravitate towards the cooking area. You should outfit your island with a bar. Bar tops serve as a great intermediary so your guest can feel like they are in the mix but still give you enough space to let you cook in peace. Ask us about our lighting packages.

BBQ Islands Riverside


BBQ Island Riverside Experts

Our unique BBQ Island builds are truly stunning. Our amazing BBQ islands are not only beautiful but equally as durable. Our BBQ Islands are built to last a life time. Riverside like most of Southern California requires that you to be outside and entertain outside as well. Entertaining outside also has many upsides as well.

Entertaining your guests outside will keep your interior of your home clean and ready for use upon completion of your event. Our experts have designed all of our BBQ Islands to stand up to flame, snow, rain and extreme heat. Your island will not settle or sag over time either. Pre fab islands are great if you are looking for a temporary solution. A unique and custom BBQ Island from the experts at Alumacovers will last you a live time. Our custom designs cost less than ordering a island from one of the big box stores. In most cases our Islands are 15% cheaper than any other Riverside competitor. Our fully assembled islands are built faster than any of the competition. Our islands built from only the highest quality materials will last you a lifetime.


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