Aluminum Patio Covers Brea

Aluminum Patio Covers Brea

AlumaCovers is proud to announce its bringing its unique brand of aluminum patio covers to Brea and Surrounding Orange County. We have been installing aluminum patio covers to the Inland Empire and San Diego Counties for close to a decade now. We offer a wide variety of aluminum patio cover options and always take into account your homes specific decor and colors when it comes to offering you one of our aluminum patio covers Brea.

Here at AlumaCovers we are committed to being the top in the industry when it comes to aluminum patio covers Brea. We carry some of the latest designs and new to market aluminum patio covers, we are the first in Southern California to offer solar ready patio covers.

Unlike our competitors who offer cheaply made aluminum patio covers, we always carry a large selection of contemporary designs. Many of out competitors offer aluminum patio covers that are sourced in china or are ready made products that will not stand the test of time. AlumaCovers is committed to giving you a aluminum patio covers Brea installation that is easy and a seamless addition to your backyard.

The entire process has been streamlined so that our staff spends as little time needed at your house causing you a disturbance. Our staff is licensed, insured and bonded and always pulls the proper permits to ensure that your construction is built to code. We will make sure that your aluminum patio covers Brea is built to the cities specific requirements and will not cause you the headache of site inspection or leave you subject to fine from the city.

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Increase your living space with a Aluminum Patio Covers Brea

If you are looking for an easy way to increase the living space to your home an aluminum patio covers Brea is the easy answer. Your pets and children will enjoy the amount of space they can relax in. Aluminum patio covers Brea are also a great way to increase the storage space in your backyard. You can now easily store extra items and avoid sun damage to your belongings. You will also notice significant savings on your cooling bill during the summer months as the aluminum patio cover deflects most of the heat.
Aluminum patio covers Brea are also a great way to give you more space to entertain guests. Having team parties, cocktail parties or just regular backyard BBQ’s will be a breeze with this much shade. Be sure to ask your Alumacovers representative about our specials on fans, BBQ islands and other accessories that we offer great deals on. Not only are patio covers a great way to increase entertaining space they are also great for relaxation. Many folks who have an aluminum patio covers Brea installed find themselves relaxing in their new space by reading books, stargazing or watching tv under their new space.

Solar Ready Aluminum Patio Covers Brea

AlumaCovers is proud to announce that we are first to market with Solar ready aluminum patio covers Brea. These patio covers are state of the art and have not been available anywhere else. Solar ready patio covers are by far the best way to kill two birds with one stone.

Solar ready patio covers offer the luxury of shade as well the easy installation of solar panels. The solar panels will decrease your monthly electric bill while increase the shade and overall temperature of your house. Alumacovers always offers products like this before anyone else. Many customers when first hearing of our solar ready aluminum patio covers are concerned with appearance. We are proud to say that our Solar Ready Aluminum Patio Covers Brea not only function well but look amazing too.

Aluminum Patio Covers Brea – The AlumaCovers Difference

AlumaCovers offers free consultations and free estimates to the entire Orange County Area. We always strive to put our customers satisfaction above profits. It is company policy that our installation staff make sure that you are 100% happy with your installation and experience before we leave your home. Not only do we offer aluminum patio covers but we also can help you with any type of awning system or real wood patio cover that you may want.
Our staff will make sure that your patio cover is the one that was promised to you during the estimate and is everything you hoped for. If for any reason you are unsatisfied simply tell your project manager and we will go out of our way to ensure that your aluminum patio covers Brea is corrected to fit your expectations. We have thousands of happy patio cover customers throughout Southern California and would love to put you in contact with any of them. Alumacovers also stands behind its work 100%. Your aluminum patio cover will never damage from the weather, rust or tear off. All of our aluminum patio covers Brea are galvanized which makes them rust proof.

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Aluminum Patio Covers Brea– How an Aluminum Patio Cover adds resale value

The housing market in Orange County is always competitive. If you are looking for a surefire way to add instant resale to your home an aluminum patio cover is safe bet. Studies conducted recently have shown that homes with aluminum patio covers sell before those who do not have the luxury of one. The bigger the patio cover the bigger the resale value. Your first task when deciding your patio cover should be how much shade you want. You should ask yourself also what is the purpose of your patio cover. If you are unsure about the use of your patio cover one of our design technicians will come to your home and give you some great ideas on how to best utilize your space. We have many designs and colors to choose from and will make sure that your patio cover is something that stands out and adds a healthy amount of resale value to your home. Go with a name you can trust go with AlumaCovers.

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