Aluminum Patio Covers Clairemont Mesa

Aluminum Patio Covers Clairemont Mesa

AlumaCovers Construction is proud to announce that along with serving the Inland Empire and San Bernadino counties with the highest quality aluminum patio covers that money can buy, we will now be servicing all of San Diego County as well. Aluminum patio covers in Clairemont Mesa is what we do. We have been installing aluminum patio covers throughout Southern California for the past six years. Aluminum patio covers are the best way to protect your home as well as your children from the harmful rays and sun damage of the harsh Southern California summer If you’re also looking for a way to reduce your energy bills then an aluminum patio cover may be a viable option for you. They will greatly reduce the amount of sun that directly hits your house. Not only will an aluminum patio cover reduce your energy bills there will also give you a new area to entertain family, friends, and guests. This new area is a great way to you in touch with your family and spend more time with them.  Installing a barbecue as well as seating under your new aluminum patio cover will give your backyard that summer look and feel that you’ve always dreamed about. Another great feature about aluminum patio covers is that there’s usually no need for maintenance. With almost 10 years experience go with a trusted name in Southern California go with Aluma Covers. Your number one Aluminum patio covers Clairemont Mesa Provider.

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Aluminum Patio Covers Clairemont Mesa – Extend your living space

Once we install a brand new aluminum patio cover to your Clairemont Mesa home you’ll be able to bring the comforts of indoor living to your backyard. We can install a patio cover relatively anywhere. You can convert old decks into a relaxing place. Installing an aluminum patio cover to your backyard is a great way to spend time with children and family. If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen an aluminum patio cover will give you a unique and special way to entertain guests, and have those great outdoor parties. An aluminum patio cover is a great way to turn your backyard from what was once a scorching hot unbearable area into a shady and cool relaxing retreat. Aluminum patio covers are also a great way to protect your loved ones, pets and children from damaging UV rays. Your children will enjoy a safe UV free place to spend their days playing. Remember us next time you need an aluminum patio cover in Clairemont Mesa.

Aluminum Patio covers Clairemont Mesa – Shade and Sun Control

Once you’ve made that choice to install an aluminum patio cover to your Clairemont Mesa home you will find many options on how to control the amount of sun and shade. By using a simple lattice patio cover addition on your patio you add functionality and control to your patio cover throughout the day, you’ll be able to adjust the lattice to your desired amount of light. And on those very hot days you’ll be able to block out the sun completely. We also carry many solid insulated patio covers that will make your Clairemont Mesa home a cool and safe place throughout the summer. It will even make a great place to enjoy sitting outside during frequent rain or thunderstorms. Aluminum patio covers also give your backyard a whole sense of newness.

The aluminum Patio Cover Difference

One of the fewer known secrets about aluminum patio covers is that aluminum patio covers are very kind to the environment, the aluminum material that we use at Aluma Covers to build our patio covers come from long lasting and durable products. Are patio covers are unlike any other patio covers out there, we promise that our aluminum patio covers will never rust, chip, fade, or warp. What this means to you the homeowner is that you’ll be helping the environment by reducing your overall energy costs and your carbon footprint. We also promise that your aluminum patio cover will maintain a brand new finish for a very long time to come.


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How an Aluminum Patio Cover adds value to your home

Recently a survey was conducted and out of 100 randomly selected homeowners in Clairemont Mesa, 60% of them said they would choose a home for purchase or rent that had an aluminum patio cover already installed in the yard over one that didn’t. A very quick and cost effective way to increase the value of your home is to install an aluminum patio cover. More and more homes in Clairemont Mesa are installing aluminum patio covers don’t get left behind,  call Aluma Covers today and install that patio cover you’ve always dreamed of.

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How Aluminum Patio Covers have changed

Aluminum patio cover designs from the past used to be very energy inefficient and very unpleasing to look at. Over the past 15 years aluminum patio covers have come a long way, with advances in Aluma wood and other types of faux wood products. Now aluminum patio covers are both aesthetically pleasing to look it and very durable to the elements, you will have many years of maintenance free sun coverage and insulation. To choose the best aluminum patio cover for your Clairemont Mesa home you will first need to decide how big of a patio cover you need and, what you would like your patio cover to look like. What purpose you’ll be using this aluminum patio cover for ? If you would like we can have one of our expert techs from Aluma Covers help you during your decision-making process. The most popular choice that people don’t select are the beveled ends, which give you a  much more modern look for your aluminum patio cover. In the past most people have selected corbel edge details, or classic scalloped types of aluminum patio covers. Go with a name you can trust go with Aluma Covers.

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Aluminum Patio Covers Clairemont Mesa – The Aluma Covers Difference

Here at Aluma Covers we offer free estimates and free consultations throughout the San Diego County area, we promise that if you’re not happy with your aluminum patio covers we aren’t either. We will do everything in our power to make sure  your 100% satisfied with the aluminum patio cover that we will install to your home. We’ll also be able to help you with any type of retractable awnings systems or any real wood patio covers. We’ll always do our best to make sure that your patio cover is the one you’ve always hoped for, we are happy to provide you with many of our references from one of our hundreds of satisfied customers in the Southern California area. Here at Aluma Covers we stand behind all of our work. Your aluminum patio covers will never rust, damage, or tear …all the products we use are galvanized to prevent rusting. Choose Aluma covers for all of your aluminum patio cover needs in Clairemont Mesa.

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