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Now is the time for your Aluminum Patio Cover Fontana

AlumaCovers of California has been installing our own line of aluminum patio covers Fontana since 2012. Our brand of aluminum patio covers are a wonderful way to add value to your home. If you have recently purchased a home in Fontana you have noticed that the sun beats down on your backyard and home all day. Aluminum Patio covers are by far the best product to shield your your home from the intense Fontana Heat. Many residents in Fontana run the ac from March all the way through Thanksgiving. By installing one of our aluminum patio covers to your home you can reduce the amount of time you run your ac. Not only do our aluminum patio covers reduce the amount of ac you use but they also add a whole new dimension to your backyard. This new addition to your backyard will give you a whole new area to entertain your friends, family  guests and pets. We also sell accessories along with the aluminum patio covers  that can turn your backyard into a summer fun zone. By adding one of our fire pits or BBQ’s to your aluminum patio cover Fontana backyard you can create a wonderful ambiance for your yard. Many of our customers supplement their new space with tv’s and fan’s and make it a perfect relaxing place for summer nights. So whether you are interested in a relaxing environment or a full on party area your new space from your aluminum patio cover offers you versatility in entertaining. As said earlier we have been installing aluminum patio covers in Fontana since 2006. We take great pride in providing customers with quality aluminum patio covers that will stand the test of time. Our patio covers are easy to maintain and because we use aluma wood look brand new for many many years. Contact AlumaCovers today and find out many of the different options we have available to you. We have packages and covers for many different types of budgets.

Create a Relaxing Space with an aluminum patio cover Fontana

By installing an aluminum patio cover to your home in Fontana you will have the luxury of relaxing both inside and outside. The great thing about aluminum patio covers is they can be installed pretty much anywhere in your backyard. You will have the opportunity to convert that wooden deck you had installed a few years ago into a relaxing and comfortable place to read, study or watch tv. If entertaining is more of your hobby than relaxing, ask about our outdoor kitchen options. We have successfully installed many outdoor kitchen for Fontana residents. Once we install the aluminum patio cover and the outdoor kitchen you will be ready to entertain for the big game or any function. Aluminum patio covers are a great way to turn that once unbearable patio in a cool retreat, you can now enjoy dinner and large family gatherings under the dura wood cover and begin making great memories. Not only are aluminum patio covers a great place or gatherings but your children and pets will enjoy a new place to play under hidden away from the southern California uv rays

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Outdoor Temperature Control with aluminum patio covers Fontana

Once you chose to install an aluminum patio cover to your residence in Fontana CA. You can easily control how much light can penetrate your aluminum patio cover with a simple lattice patio cover addition. This is a great feature for anyone who is an avid gardener if you have plants that need indirect sunlight then this feature is for you. The process is quite simple to adjust the lattice. The patio cover has a simple handle that can be manipulated and is easy to learn and master. We always have many different types of insulated aluminum patio covers in stock that can also help with the temperature control throughout the summer. Many of our customers are surprised about how much cooler their home is once they have installed an aluminum patio cover. Aluma covers line of aluminum patio covers also will increase your storage space throughout the winter as they will protect your items from rain and other elements.

The Long Term Benefit of Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana

Fontana is located well inland. So planning trips to the beach with the current gas prices can be hard to plan and expensive on the wallet or purse. Taking trips to the lake or the river for the weekend can be just as costly and takes a lot of time. By installing a patio cover to your home you can bring the shade and relaxation of the beach or river to your home and with all of that extra space why not have an all day cookout with friends and family at home.  Your patio cover is a one time investment that will repay you for years and years with safe fun and cost effective relaxation. Aluma Covers is dedicated to providing you with a quality aluminum patio cover at an affordable price. We are committed to customer service, if for some reason you are unhappy with your aluminum patio cover gives us a call and we will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. We carry a wide selection of colors and models of patio cover in stock. One of our experts will be more than happy to come to your house and take measurements for your new Aluminum Patio Covers Fontana.


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