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We’ve been installing beautiful aluminum patio covers to Highlands, Ca  for the past six years. If you’re looking for the best way to protect your recent investment and reduce sun damage as well as overall energy costs to your home then it’s time for an aluminum patio cover. Aluminum patio covers can be one of the best things you can do to protect your home from the very intense summer’s heat especially in Highlands, Ca. Running the air conditioning all summer can make your energy bills skyrocket.  An aluminum patio cover installed by Aluma Covers can not only reduce the energy costs but give you a whole new area to entertain guests. Installing a barbecue as well as seating can give your backyard that feel for summer entertaining that you have always wanted. We first installed an aluminum patio cover in Highlands, Ca back in 2006.  It is still standing to this day, looks new and provides shade and functionality for the backyard.  Another great aspect of aluminum patio covers is that there is no need for maintenance.

Aluminum Patio Covers Highland

Extend your living space with an Aluminum Patio Cover

Once we install a brand new aluminum patio cover to your Highlands home, you’ll be able to bring the comforts of the indoors to your outdoors. Patio covers can be installed relatively easily anywhere. You can convert an old deck into a relaxing place to either read a book or watch TV. If you are looking for an outdoor kitchen; with an aluminum patio cover  you can create an amazing looking space for your barbecue , custom built grille and outdoor eating area. Your new patio cover is a great way to  turn that once scorching and unbearably  hot area of your house into a shady and cool relaxing retreat. Patio Covers also protect your children, loved ones and  pets from damaging UV rays; providing a safe UV free place to play or rest.

Control The Amount of Shade and Sun 

If you decide to install an aluminum patio cover to your Highlands, CA home you can very easily control how much sun or how much shade penetrates into your backyard and patio area throughout the day using a simple lattice patio cover addition. A lattice patio cover adds functionality and comfort to your patio. The process is quite simple, just adjust the lattice to your desired amount of light. You can create the shade factor somewhere between 60 and 40% luminosity, it’s all up to you. Using the lattice you can get the perfect combination of sun and shade for your outdoor garden. You also have the option to design a  patio cover that  just blocks of the sun completely. We have solid insulated patio covers that will make your Highlands home a safe and cool place throughout the summer and, even a great place to enjoy sitting outside during the rain if you wanted to.

The Aluminum Patio Cover Difference

Not many homeowners know this but, aluminum patio covers are very kind to the environment. The aluminum material that we use to build our patio covers are very long lasting and very durable, unlike other patio cover material t there …our aluminum patio covers are made with the highest quality and will never rust, chip, fade or warp. This means that you’ll be helping the environment by reducing your overall energy bill in your home and using 100% recyclable material that has no toxins or chemicals and, will maintain a brand new finish.

Fire Resistance 

Due to the harsh weather conditions in Highlands sometimes a fire can break out at your home the last thing you would want is your patio cover helping the growth of a fire. Aluminum patio covers are very fire resistant. With most normal patio covers the fire would quickly catch and devour the wood.  A metal or a vinyl patio cover would burn and greatly increasing the temperature of the fire. Aluminum patio covers however, are your best option as they are flame resistant. When you choose an aluminum patio cover from Aluma covers you should enjoy the peace of mind that your patio cover is Eco friendly, and will never hurt or harm your house. The one thing that  you can be sure of is that an aluminum patio cover will greatly reduce your overall energy bill and provide a new sitting area to create memories and years of enjoyment.

Aluminum Patio Covers Highland

The Perfect Place to Clear Your Mind

Trips to the beach can be hard to plan and the gas alone can cut into the cost of a  fun day at the beach. Maybe you prefer the lake or the river but, the cost of towing the boat, gas, and food before your even out on the water can really put pressure on what’s suppose to be your enjoyable weekend in Havasu or at the lake. With a new aluminum patio cover, you can spend the weekend at home with family and friends under your brand new patio cover. Your patio cover provides quite an inexpensive and convenient way to get away from everything, have a bbq or a summer party. Unlike a beach umbrella or a hat, your patio cover will bring you constant relief from the hot summer sun.  Making anytime a good time to enjoy being under your patio cover. A solid patio cover over your barbecue means you’re always ready to have a party any time of the year,.. avoid standing in lines for airplane tickets and invite your friends and family over to enjoy the comforts of outdoor living with your brand new aluminum patio cover. You’ll save lots of time and lots of hassle when you’re enjoying your brand new aluminum patio cover in Highlands, Ca.

 Add value to your home

Out of 100 randomly selected new home owners,  60% said they would rather choose a home that already had a patio cover over one that did not.  A very quick and inexpensive way to increase the value of your home is to install an aluminum patio cover. More and more homes in Highlands are installing aluminum patio covers… don’t get left behind contact Aluma covers today to install that aluminum patio cover that you’ve always dreamed of.

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