Lattice Patio Covers Riverside

Lattice Patio Covers are a great way to increase the use of any outdoor area. Our patio covers will never peel, warp or rot because are made from aluminum which is extremely durable. We also will offer a lifetime warranty on all the patio covers that we install. The average life span of lattice patio covers Riverside can range anywhere from 15 to 20 years with limited maintenance. If you wish to clean your patio cover all you need to do is run a hose over it, it’s that simple. Here at Aluma Covers we understand that all homeowners have their own unique style and design in mind. We offer several different types of lattice with assorted colors to choose from.




Lattice Patio Covers Riverside

Lattice patio covers Riverside can dramatically decreased the amount of money spent per month on cooling your home. Unlike other patio covers, lattice patio covers Riverside, allow air to flow through them there for reducing temperature and providing shade. We’ve heard from recent customers that they’ve noticed at least a 20% decrease in their cooling bill per month thank to their lattice patio cover Riverside. Novel your patio covers the great way to enhance the beauty and design of your home but also make excellent sense on your pocketbook. Patio covers are the most cost effective way to add value to your home while reducing your cooling cost’s.

Stylish Lattice Patio Covers Riverside

Not only are Lattice Patio Covers Riverside an excellent solution for those looking for shade that they also look great on your home. We carry many different designs and cuts and will customize one to your unique sense of style and design already in place at your home. By using Aluma covers we can turn your back yard into a full fledged hangout or man cave. We can install TV’s, Ceiling fans and BBQ’s. You will now be the envy of all the neighbors on your block as they see you enjoying your free time underneath your new stylish lattice patio cover Riverside. Now that you have expanded your dry useable living space feel free to use the space for storage.
You can store your outdoor furniture from the elements and increase the life span of these items by simply protecting them from sun damage. Southern California’s climate is dry and arid throughout the year and making sure your belongings are protected from the sun is key to enjoying summer after summer of fun. When it comes time to sell your home your Lattice patio covers Riverside will help the resale value and how quickly you can get someone interested. If your home already has a pergola or gazebo outside we would love to match the wood on your lattice patio cover Riverside. By simply customizing the your patio covers shape and sizes and colors you can dramatically effect the look of your backyard. When using Aluma Covers you have an amazing range of design possibilities. Contact us today to find out what stylish lattice patio cover Riverside fits your home best.

Lattice Patio Covers vs Traditional Patio Covers

Our lattice patio covers have that traditional pergola look and feel to them. Lattice patio covers are a great way to provide shade and still allow to let air flow through the patio. Solid patio covers are your best bet against the elements however what they are missing is flexibility. Lattice patio covers Riverside are a great way to make your home look sophisticated. Aside from traditional designs of patio covers we also can provide you with many other designs and colors that can add that extra flair to your home. Lattice patio covers can also offer you adjustable options as well. For those who like to have their cake and eat it to we can provide you with a combo cover. Combo patio covers have the look and feel of a traditional lattice patio cover but also have the protection that you would normally get from a standard patio cover. Now your plants get the sunlight they need and crave and you can have sun protection. Either way patio covers are an excellent way to extending your living space at your home. We also offer lifetime warranties on all patio covers, if you ever run into an issue feel free to call us and we will send someone out right away.

The Outdoor Life Style with a Lattice Patio Covers Riverside

The weather in Riverside can be unbearable from April til September with temperatures reaching the 100′s all throughout this time. This can make being outdoors a struggle and trying to have family time becomes difficult. Here at Alumacovers look as our company as your outdoor life style consultants. Many times once we install lattice patio covers Riverside many folks are amazed at how much space they now have to use. Now if you were planing to use the extra space as storage that’s great however if you want to do something more than that and really wow the neighbors ask us to give you some idea’s. We also in addition to our work wire your patio cover for electricity. Wiring your patio cover for electricity is a great start this will give you the ability to incorporate electrical equipment such as TV’s and ceiling fans.
If you are a foodie the next logical step after the electronics is that backyard kitchen you have been dreaming about. Backyard BBQ’s are great for entertaining as well as cleanup, save time by skipping cleaning pots and pans and using your new BBQ installed by Aluma Covers. Your patio cover will protect your BBQ investment from the harsh elements. Ask us how we can get you a great discount on that BBQ you have been looking for. All of our buildings and designs are 100% built to code and are a great way to entertain. After you have that new TV and BBQ you will be looking for opportunities to entertain. Your kids will thank you tons after you host their end of the year sports party. Embracing an outdoor life style means feeling younger and stronger and living a healthier life style, achieve all this very easily with a new Lattice Patio Cover from Aluma Covers

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