Solid Non Insulated

A Solid Non-Insulated (Flat Pan) Patio Cover is a great way to increase the use of any outdoor area. Our patio covers will never peel, warp or rot because are made from aluminum which is extremely durable. We also will offer a lifetime warranty on all the patio covers that we install. The average life span of a solid, non insulated patio cover can range anywhere from 15 to 20 years with limited maintenance. If you wish to clean your patio cover all you need to do is run a hose over it, it’s that simple. Here at Aluma Covers we understand that all homeowners have their own unique style and design in mind. We offer several different types of lattice with assorted colors to choose from.

*Solid Non-Insulated (Flat Pan) Patio Cover, is made out of an aluminum alloy folded into U shape panels that connect to one another with a special tong and groove system.



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